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Opensource Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platform

Opensource Multivendor Marketplace Plateform

This script has been developed using Laravel framework version 5.7 of PHP. In this system for frontend bootstrap version 4 and for backend bootstrap version 3 are used.

Super responsive for all available devices. All pages, all attributes are properly designed for any size of device like desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet etc. Whole layout is available to fit for any sizes of screen.

Main business system in this script is B-B-C or multi-vendor system. That means Business-Business-Customer system. This system can manage third step business operation without any hassle and allows multi seller to sell their products. With standard ecommerce features seller & customer both are doing their business smoothly.

Besides B-B-C system there is another wonderful feature is this system can turns to only B-C means Business-Customer system at any time. Customer will get only in-house products.

Most important facility of an eCommerce site is guest checkout. User can purchase products without being logged in or registration through Guest Checkout system.This is a quicker & easy accessible shopping system.

Homepage setup is very much easy. To set all section, image, banner, select category etc are available on admin panel. To make homepage more flexible & attractive admin can use multiple banners, slider image.

Multi-Currency option is available in admin panel for setting up required currency. Site admin can set default currency, currency format. If needed then new currency can be added in there.

Multi language option is available. Admin can add new language as his own choice, delete, translate words of the site into required language from their panel.

There are options to choose different colour themes from admin panel. As selected color whole site will be changed this way.

This script has all mandatory ecommerce features.Like, ajax based cart system, product compare, wishlist, featured product, discount, flash deal offer, today’s deal offer etc. Also product review option, video posting, adding tax are available in this system.


Exclusive Customer Profile
Customer profile contains all information of the purchase & order history. Profile image, information and shipping address are editable.

Efficient Seller Panel
Seller panel is very much organized to handle every section. Every seller has separate profile & shop for sale.

Powerful Admin Panel
Behind this whole system there is a powerful admin panel from where admin can manage full system.

Standard Multi-vendor system with well decorated frontend & exclusive features:
This theme is so lucrative and well designed. With a rich collection of theme colours, feature for adding banner, slider image we developed this script in a way that will represent your e-commerce in a most unique way. We concentrate not only in the script look also all type of ecommerce features are available here to enhance your business all over the world.

Super responsive layout with all functionality of your ecommerce business:
No matter what kind of device you are using for accessing your site. This script is perfectly designed for every size of monitor. There is no break or extra layout or anything else which can disturbed you or your customer while browsing the site. We assured that all pages, all functionalities & all options are perfectly workable for all kind of device. Whether a tablet, smartphone, iOS device or Android phone, this script ensures that your business works in all modern devices.

Global Business is in your HAND with its all functional operation as easiest way!:
Wherever you are staying your online business will be in your hand. You can see every activity of your website through your mobile device. Also easy manageable layout for any kind of changing. In mobile from admin panel you can change/edit/delete everything for your site. Our prime concerns always lie in making your online experiences look great and function perfectly via every screen possible. We ensure your E-commerce solution is suited to all devices while remaining user-friendly. We think carefully about the user’s mobile experience. Focusing on a user-centric approach, we ensure that your online presence is engaging and click-friendly.

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