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Travelling App Clone Script

Travel App Clone Script


    User can register with valid E-mail address and Password

    User can also need to provide their name, phone number, address.

    User login with valid email and password

    User can re-set the password using registered mail-Id by clicking the “Forgot Password”.

    New user can register by clicking “Sign Up”
Start Page:

    This page like a splash screen.

    User need to click “Get Started…” button for enter the app.

Search & Results:

    In this page, user can search for transport and hotel by simple & complex search.

    User needs to give necessary details to search.

    User can give origin & destination, number of passenger, date, booking class to search for flights.

    By clicking “search tickets” button, user can see the list of Flights based on their search.

    It will show the flight’s name, amount of ticket, time of travel, duration, etc.

    User can change the currency format by clicking the currency name in the top right corner of the screen.

    User can give filter to search results by clicking filter icon in top right corner.

    User can make sort their search results by clicking sorting icon in top right corner.
Book Option

    Book Flights/BUS/Train

    Book Hotels

    In the home page, user need to select source & destination location, type of transport they wanted to book and travel date.

    By clicking “Book now” button a dialog box will appear, now user need to select departure time and nearest stop available , and user needs to give number of seats to be booked.

    And click the “book” button to go for Confirmation page.

    If user has some queries about the travel or for any clarification, they will contact the authorized person by sending queries in Contact Us page.

    In the home page there is an navigation menu which contains the follows:

    o     Home

    o     My History

    o     Profile

    o     About Us

    o     Contact Us

    o     Logout
Confirm Booking:

    In this page will shows all the details which are given by the user to book the tickets like source & destination, date & time etc.

    If all the details are correct then user can click the “confirm” button to confirm the booking process.
My History:

    In this page, user can view their history of booked tickets with this app.

    The history page will show source & destination, date & time and number of seats booked
My profile:

    User can view their profile by clicking “Profile” in navigation screen.

    User can edit their profile by clicking “Edit” icon in top right corner of the page.

    User can change their password by clicking the “settings icon” at the top right corner in action bar.
Additional Features:

    World Clock Time Converter

    Trip Reviews from Other Travellers

    Currency Converter

    In-App Language Translator

    Weather or Climate Forecasting

    Geo-Tracking Services